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I'm not a hippie.

Because Allie is actually busy with having a life, Ima gonna post these for her.

Hi, we're in Deleware.

It was minimally exciting.

Then we went to DC and found ourselves at the pregame rally for the march.

Where the anarchists readied themselves for battle with extensive stretching and pep talks.

Allie was also ready.

So we met up with friends.

"Where are you guys!?"

"We're by the black flag!!!!"

"Are you serious?"

The anarchists were a fun crowd, but a little too intense.

This is the number we were given to call should we be arrested.

But it was ok,

because the drum circle danced into our lives.

So we partied with them.

Like this (kind of)

then we combound the groups

For optimal marchage.

Until the hardcores went to march the black bloc

While the rest of us

started a dance riot.

In the name of peace.

It was fairly exhausting.

"I wanted to rip the bible out of that fuckers hand and read him some jesus!!!"

Lee and I are self-actualizing.


Poor Lauren was tired for the whole trip.

Friend of a friend of a friend becomes our friend.
What is up meg?

Dred party.


The man of a thousand nick-names.

"It's a bit ironic to have a feminism concert in front of this giant phallus"

Lauren scores another nap.

Le Tigre

Then there's this kid, Will.

Then Alex decides to be hot.

And Maria tries to be.

And then we all decide to be hot like alex to go out.

Whatdoyoumean you dont have diners in maryland?!?!?

The non-diner

Still a good time

but not the same.

And Tigist was with us but not for as long as we had wanted her to be.

Getting ready to leave.

To tired to hack.

Exhausted from battle/skanking.

Except for Alex Lee who defies human needs and manages to always be ready for anything.

So we departed.

"what are you doing back there?"


The only sleep i got that week.


Then we stopped by the Cracker Barrel.

"What do you mean by Vegan?"

Where literally every item on the menu had meat in/on/of it.

Then we built allie a dred tube.

And she loved it.


Which isn't even the funniest thing we found on super zoom.
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