I'm not a hippie. (juxtap0ser) wrote in suburbstruggles,
I'm not a hippie.

7billion F0t0z

Ivana early October

This is/was her.

Ivana end Novemeber

Hard to tell but
*Scene multi-tonal hair
*Septum ring
*Unfiltered cigarettes
*Every imaginable pattern
Not shown in picture but also there
*hoards of admirers

im a wookie

im a wookie

Genna is hot

but what business does "leg avenue" have selling halloween costumes to children?

the citah.

Allie is radioactive!
Chris is sketchy

Nadia's interpretation of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe

Gabby's interpretation of the same thing.

Mike Tyson
played by a 4 ft 5 British boy

An ameoba

the world's best/most cumbersome costume.

also good for situational comedy

danfan slacking off in class

Look! She's at school! And WORKING??!?!?

now thats better.

setting up the art gallery

Allie's exhibition

Messing around in the art gallery

Caught in the act.
McCullough hates us.

So proud.


The arrows pointing the wrong way!

Guest appearance from Claudia!

Matt Kim does not like our cooking.

He'll grant you five wishes.


The loft is such a LITTLE ROOM


smoke ring master



Breakdowns are Matt Kim's forte.

Gabby's not quite sure how this works.

Let's PArty!

A conversation with Casper.

A freegan find


from the greats

imitating the faces on money.


Sexy partah!

With a bunch of scenesters

At scene concerts,

there will be the ocasional hippy.

And in the confusion,

or the mosh,

they'll get kicked in the face.

like I was

by this kid.

Riad is an tendon indian God.

Ian's in a tiny room!!!!

Look! The room!
She is so small!!!

What? The diner again?
How can that be?

these kids have no lives.

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good to see you're having fun
i miss you
I love seeing pictures of people I've never met
like, seriously I do

p.s. your high school looks kind of...soulless
It is soulless.

But we GOT SOUL Ya feelin it?
i love us.
and my photography.

and you!!
soon i will be there to partake in this fun.
you are the mofo man
..Our lives are such random collections of events. like whoah.

Also..I am a man.
When you dress in men's clothing, scunch your hair back into a hat, and tape your boobs back, you tend to look like a man. It's true.
haha. Ivana, i love you.

Did you get my message? love you. miss you. hope to see you soon.
sha in two weeks dey's gone be peektures of me in there =D

so fun.
i love you guys.
allie teh mostest but j00 know how it goes.

I like the angles in some of those shots. What camera/shutter/robot effect/setting/status ailment are you using?
They're all Allie/the dread girl/slutnamedstar's photos and I'm pretty sure she uses something similar to a Canon rebel but I could be wrong.
i use it on manual.
usually 3.5-4.0 f-stop and i change the shutter speed according to the light. sometimes i use the flash.

That camera made me came...what?